Gordana Herning joined the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at MIT as a Lecturer in 2016.  After earning B.S. and M.S. degrees at the University of Colorado at Boulder in Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering, she practiced structural design at Martin/Martin in Colorado. Gordana's doctorate at Princeton University, under the guidance of Professor Maria Garlock, focused on Monte Carlo simulation for reliability-based evaluation of steel self-centering seismic resistant frames.  At MIT, her teaching and research related to behavior and performance of large-scale structures are rooted in the principles of resilient, creative, and sustainable designs. 

Gordana sees design as an interdisciplinary endeavor of advancing the solutions needed to realize safe and resource-efficient structures that enhance the quality of life. By integrating engineering and architectural considerations, material behavior, numerical simulations, and experimental testing, she studies systems ranging from spatial structures to tall buildings, and collaborates with colleagues in the research and design communities. 

Gordana Herning, PE, PhD


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